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Welcome to Shaval

Shaval Bio Diesel are specialists in the erection of bio diesel plants and production technology. As many industries are moving towards green fuels, Shaval supplies all machinery from oil extruders, to dryers, reactors, settling vessels, centrifuges, washing and clarifying equipment, in order for clients to produce their own bio diesel with their own plant.

Special care is taken to ensure that every plant is customized to suit each client’s individual circumstances, so that the desired production capacity is achieved within the local space, time and labour parameters.

Shaval also provides training and support to all their bio diesel operations in South Africa, the SADC region and abroad. They are founding members of SABA, the Southern African Biofuels Association, and are committed to constructing workable biofuels solutions that adhere to all relevant legal requirements and bio diesel standards.

Biodiesel Generators

We now selling biodiesel plants which are powered by generators, using biodiesel as fuel for the generators.


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